Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals is a company which belongs to Group Vilà Vila. It is a group of services-oriented companies which deals with waste management and construction services..

The head office is located in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, in the center of Bages County (Barcelona).

Determined to extend the business commitment, gained through environmental preservation, Contenidors Vilà Vila was founded in 1994. The company has grown to offer an integrated service in waste management.

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals can provide an integrated service after several years’ experience and a progressive implementation in waste management. We place a set of comprehensive residue management services at your disposal, whether for collection, transport, cleaning, advising or recycling.

Our main services:

  • Collection, transport and management of all residues (waste, cardboard, plastic, metal, special residues, electronic waste, liquids, etc).
  • Rental and sale of dumpsters and containers for a correct waste storage.
  • Shredding confidential information in any medium.
  • Emergency and drain unblocking services, high pressure water jetting to clean pipes and sewers, videotape and detection equipment services using CCTV kit.
  • Pressure washing of any sort of tanks.
  • Civic amenity sites management.
  • Municipal waste collection and street cleaning services.
  • Collection of uncontrolled waste disposal, either liquids or solids.
  • Advising services.

Vilà Vila Serveis ambientals has a management system certificate according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001/2004 referring to industrial and construction residues collection as well as technical advising for a better management.