Enderrocs Vilà Vila

Enderrocs Vilà Vila is a company which belongs to the group Vilà Vila. We offer an integrated service of any kind of demolition, from the smallest to the biggest, from the easiest to the most complex.

Depending on the demolition, we apply the most suitable methodology for each situation:

  • Mechanical means.
  • Mechanical means and manual work.
  • Manual demolition.
  • Selective deconstruction.
  • Detection, localization and management of hazardous waste.
  • Cleaning and emptying of buildings and industrial units.
  • Demolition machinery with driver
  • Fiber cement and Asbestos removal and management.
  • Etc.

We offer emergency services 24/7.

We always offer an integrated service, so we are in charge of administrative management, permissions, studies, reports or security plans needed in demolition projects.

We have a large experience gained over 40 years and more than 2,000 demolitions carried out successfully and with satisfaction guarantee.

In order to keep ensuring high levels of efficiency and safety, we are constantly renewing equipment and leading in-house training with employees, bringing in the latest in technology and safety.

As a big asset we have latest equipment and a specialized human team, highly qualified and with a wide experience.

We are registered in RERA (register of companies with asbestos risk) and we are part of the Construction professional association.

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