Excavacions Vilà Vila

The company Excavacions Vilà Vila is part of Grup Vilà Vila and has a large experience gained through more than 40 years working in soil movement. We can do any kind of project, from the smallest to the most complex, guaranteeing quality and satisfaction.

The headquarters is in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, in the center of Bages County (Barcelona).

Our main services are:

  • Soil movement: we carry out any service related to soil movement such as lowering, terracing and backfilling, trenches, blowing-ups, roadway repairs, etc.
  • Machinery rental: we have a wide variety of machinery with its accessories to offer the service which best suits the client, advising on the most suitable technique in each situation.
  • Transport: we have a wide variety of lorries to adapt to your needs. We provide or collect any kind of material.
  • Construction projects: we carry out any kind of project from its origin to its final execution.
  • Pavement: we pave with asphalt or concrete and we are also in charge of its maintenance if necessary.
  • Topography and laser level: we do topography works, offering a modern infrastructure and the latest devices.

We offer emergency services 24/7.

In order to keep ensuring high levels of efficiency and safety, we are constantly renewing equipment and leading in-house training with employees, bringing in the latest in technology and safety.

As a big asset we have latest equipment and a specialized human team, highly qualified and with a wide experience.