In 1989 Reciclàrids was created inside Grup Vilà Vila, as a consequence of the concern about the environmental impact that construction debris cause, as well as the expensive price of taking the debris to landfills.

The CDW (Construction and Demolitions Waste) entering the plant is generated in construction projects such as demolitions, soli movement, restorations and new construction.

Our main services are: 

Reciclàrids  was the first company in Spain to use complete mobile plants for the crushing, screening, washing and shredding of debris, removing the cost of the transport. A mobile plant can manage more than 6.000m3 of waste from different construction works in only one production line. 

Although it is a business initiative, Reciclàrids has a clear short-term objective: reducing quarri exploitation, removing uncontrolled debris landfills and decreasing the use on legalized tanks, improving the environment. 

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