Drain unblocking and cleaning

Desembussaments Vilà Vila offers industrial cleaning services of any tank.


Some examples:

  • Aerial and underground storage tanks where hazardous chemical products and petroleum products have been stored.
  • Hydrocarbon separators.
  • Car wash tunnels.
  • Septic tanks.
  • Silos.
  • Construction work tanks.
  • Settling ponds.
  • Other.

We also transport waste from plants which have been authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC). We have a team of technicians and professionals specialized in carrying out any tasks needed in the tanks.


This is the process to follow:

  • Enclosing the working area.
  • Checking and testing the atmosphere in the tank and in the working area.
  • Suctioning the existing product in the tank, degasing and degreasing.
  • Transport to a treatment plant authorized to render it inert.
  • When dealing with petroleum products, we process the certificate of cancellation following the decree MI IP-06.

For waste management and transport, Desembussaments Vilà Vila has a tanker vehicle which complies with ADR transport legislation.

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