Fiber cement (Asbestos) removal and management.

Handling fiber cement elements containing asbestos must follow a procedure indicated by Royal Decree 396/2006, which provides preventive measures and the assessment of risks to the health concerning the exposition to asbestos.


Some elements containing asbestos are:

  • Spaces covered with asbestos.
  • Drainpipes.
  • Tanks.
  • Etc.


Enderrocs Vilà Vila, as a company registered in R.E.R.A (Register of companies with asbestos risk), can carry out the following actions:

  • Detecting affected elements.
  • Outlining work plans.
  • Removing and transporting to authorized landfills.

We also remove Friable Asbestos-containing material which releases Asbestos fibers spontaneously.


We usually carry out this service in:

  • Buildings to be partially or totally demolished.
  • Replacements or repairs in covered spaces.
  • Dismantling of vertical wall coverings in buildings with dividing walls.

We offer our fiber cement removal services as part of demolishing tasks or as an independent work, guaranteeing a good management and following strictly the current regulations.