Special waste management (Hazardous)

Hazardous (special)

Batteries and accumulators
Fluorescent tubes and mercury-containing lamps
Air conditioners
Compressed gas cylinders (fire extinguishers, aerosols, butane gas cylinder…)
Hazardous substances in drums
Absorbent cloth (damepened)
Laboratory reactive chemicals
Oil filters
Pharmaceutical waste; cytotoxic and cytostatic drug waste
Cutting oils
Mineral and synthetic oils
Halogenated and non-halogenated solvents
Paints (water-based and solvent-based)
Water containing paint residues
Phosphate-containing water
Chrome baths and chrome muds
Cyanide products
Paint, waste inks, adhesives and resins
Developer liquid and fixer liquid (graphic industries)
Acids (hydrochloric acid, descaling liquids…)
Bases (caustic soda, bleach, ammonia…)
Break fluid
Plant protection products (insecticide, herbicide, fertilizers…)
Oxidation products (peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide)
Contaminated soil
Hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel…)
Wastewater and debris from car wash tunnels.
Polyol and glycol
Asbestos cement (asbestos-containing insulation materials)
WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment)
PCB-containing transformers and condensers
Powdery wastes (zinc powder, paint powder…)
Sewage sludge
Landfill leachates
Chromic residues
Colourings and pigments